500n is NOW

They have succeeded! What Hal was trying to stop is coming 500n!

I hope you are prepared. REMEMBER...everything is not as it seems.


Sakura Okamoto



I'd give anything to get some sleep but everytime I close my eyes I relive that night when I had to leave Carol's; not to mention all the other chaos in my life. Now that Jas found me and the craziness has calmed down a bit I'm overwhelmed by my thoughts.

I never thought that flying to NYC to take care of a sick friend would've changed my life this way. It seems like that place took away everyone that is important to me...Robbie; my girl, Lascano; my boyfriend and Hal. He was a good friend before all of this; that infection turned him. I am determined to find and reveal the origin of that infection. I lost my friend way before the dreaded newspaper headline. The man they spoke of in the paper on May 13th had not been Hal in quite a while. I know this sounds ridiculous but I miss Hal.

Sorry, I am all emotional & rambling on but I figured if I got all of this out it would help like some kind of therapy or something and maybe then I could get some sleep.

I better log off, the screen on this laptop is also too bright. I thought it was just the other one I was using before but I guess not. I wish I had the sandman's number so he could drop by and keep me company tonight. A cup of tea and an extra pillow will have to do for tonight.

Good night. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a new beginning.


ǝpısdılɟ ǝɥʇ




I know it's been a while but I've been going through lots. It turns out that Carol's friend at the lab could not identify what made me sick but he did make a very interesting discovery in my blood...a genetic anomaly that makes me immune to whatever Hal tried to pass on to me. That is why I developed that crazy fever & my symptoms stopped, unlike Hal's.

Carol was worried when she noticed my writing was deteriorating, at times. I noticed the same in Hal's writing. She was afraid whatever I had was affecting my brain but it turned out it was my fever. Thankfully,once the fever stopped so did most of my symptoms but my skin pigmentation is still different due to dehydration of my skin & I still had a few lesions I developed on my body but those have almost completely healed after undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital. I wonder if I'll ever be completely normal again.

I'm still trying to find answers; it should be easier now that I've sort of got my health back. Hal is out there somewhere. Actually, sometimes I get the feeling that...Hal is watching.

Jas, sweetness, I really need to meet with you.