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The Lisbon girls were 13 Cecillia, 14 Lux, 15 Bonnie, 16 Mary and 17 Therese.

I am in your midst.



It's Sakura again.

Sorry I haven't been around; this infection has made me very weak. Poor Carol has been searching for Thad to no avail and helping me be as comfortable as possible until well...you know. Everyday I feel worse and worse but knowing that my best friend has not given up on me keeps me going. I am trying not to let this make me bitter by holding on to my sense of humor. Also, Carol & I continue searching, via the web, for any information. Anything at all.

I've tried to get ahold of that bastard, Hal, but he's gone completely off radar except for his blog and one email he sent me 2 nights ago. Of course the email is proof that not only has he gone off radar but off his rocker. The subject line said ZOOM! BOOM!; he included an attachment & he typed "See you on the flipside...500N, Sakura". Below is the attachment, a pic he took of me when I first came to take care of him...

I remember this was a few days after I found him. We were staying together and I'd always have an iced coffee in the afternoon but on this day he asked me to have this instead. I'm not sure what he is tryin to say, that is, if he is tryin to say anything at all. It could just be the ramblings of a dead man.

I better go. I'm not feeling so hot.



It's me...Sakura. A few days ago I got a call from Carol; she was hoping I knew where Thad is.
I wasn't much help. I don't know if that's good or bad but hearing from her has been good for me. You've probably figured out by now that I never met up with Hal @ The Jane.
I decided to go to Carol's since she took care of Hal in the beginning. Now she's taking care of me.

So here I am on Thad's laptop; trying to find something...anything... significant in his files. I think I'd be able to get more done if I wasn't in so much pain. I can't continue to be in denial and hide this any longer.

Hal's old & sick, so he forgets words, trails his sentences off into...

-Sakura Okamoto



Dios mio ay├║dame! Mi hijo ha desaparecido!!!

Estoy extremamente preocupada; el esta muy enfermo.

Si alguien lo ha visto o sabe donde lo puedo encontrar por favor dejeme saber.
El es mi todo; no lo puedo perder.


My City Was Gone

The "Black Mailbox", painted WHITE!


Chill Dog

Just chillin', waitin', watchin'

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