What ARE Those things?!

It will not be easy for Hal and his cronies to find where me and my mom have fled.

The work they have done is frightful, and I am grieved to the fact it may be spreading.

As for the malicious crap I have received in my email, I do not appreciate the insistence of some of you that I am the "crazy" one here.

We shall see. We shall see ...


Sometimes it seems like WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

New York, two years ago, was a NIGHTMARE!

My birthday was ruined by the event, and the city has NOT recovered as well as we have been told.

Most of what has been happening since, is hallucination!

I'm only fourteen years old, but even I know what a cover-up feels like.
And the information I have discovered has proved it!

I don't know how to get the truth out there.
So many people believe the lies!
(I know I once did)

BEWARE of Hal and anyone he's associated with.

He lies when he says he knows the truth.


Trust No One!

My mother is smart.

She listened to me.

Upon my disappearance, she backed up all the data on the LapTop, then deleted the original source.

It's in your hands now.

I am still here.