Sometimes it seems like WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

New York, two years ago, was a NIGHTMARE!

My birthday was ruined by the event, and the city has NOT recovered as well as we have been told.

Most of what has been happening since, is hallucination!

I'm only fourteen years old, but even I know what a cover-up feels like.
And the information I have discovered has proved it!

I don't know how to get the truth out there.
So many people believe the lies!
(I know I once did)

BEWARE of Hal and anyone he's associated with.

He lies when he says he knows the truth.


  1. Thad, honey, you have something I want & I am willing to give you anything you want for it. After all we have the same goal. Lets get together & join forces.
    You know how to get ahold of me.

    Hope to hear from you real 500N


  2. Poor Marlena.


    She was a casualty, and you shall follow blindly.

    Trust no one!

  3. Thad, lets talk. Remember, we both suffered great losses because of all that happened & we both want the same thing.

    I'm with you on this; just call me, message me or come over. I'll make it worth your while.


  4. Sakura,

    You will not be able to stop what has already begun. While the full truth of what has happened is not fully in my grasp, even YOU cannot bring my Father back!

    The sickness is spreading.

    It's not only the good who will die young.


  5. I never said I could stop anything from happening, Thad, muchless bring back your father or my those I lost.

    You say you don't fully understand the complete truth but the more I reach out to you so we can exchange info and reveal this to everyone the more you run from me. Also, you won't even reveal info that could be of any use to anyone. You just don't care about anyone but yourself!

    Its obvious the sickness will spread & people will die. Is that why you don't want to help anyone else or reveal anything? I bet daddy is looking down at you so proud that you have all this info & someone offering to help you expose it but all you choose to do is run & hide.

    Well, FYI I intend on exposing this even if it means death; whether its by the hands of those men following me or that illness. I thought you were different but you've now reminded me that your simply a 14 year old boy. What I would give to have you prove me wrong, sweety.