I know it's been a while but I've been going through lots. It turns out that Carol's friend at the lab could not identify what made me sick but he did make a very interesting discovery in my blood...a genetic anomaly that makes me immune to whatever Hal tried to pass on to me. That is why I developed that crazy fever & my symptoms stopped, unlike Hal's.

Carol was worried when she noticed my writing was deteriorating, at times. I noticed the same in Hal's writing. She was afraid whatever I had was affecting my brain but it turned out it was my fever. Thankfully,once the fever stopped so did most of my symptoms but my skin pigmentation is still different due to dehydration of my skin & I still had a few lesions I developed on my body but those have almost completely healed after undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital. I wonder if I'll ever be completely normal again.

I'm still trying to find answers; it should be easier now that I've sort of got my health back. Hal is out there somewhere. Actually, sometimes I get the feeling that...Hal is watching.

Jas, sweetness, I really need to meet with you.



  1. hey sakura, im glad to hear that your okay! thank god!! after everything that's happened, i thought that you were possibly going to succumb to the same fate as Hal. So what do you make of the latest posting at the 500-rads blog?? "living dead"? "...the larger of the hoard that has us"?? and jason is still m.i.a. as is Hal.... any developments at all, with anything?? now that your feeling better, i really think you should get back on track with finding out the truth and getting to the bottom of what's going on. don't you agree?? please respond back, sakura, as i want to help in any way i can. even if you just need someone to talk to. hope you getting back to normal health again is giving you the relief you need after such a devastating ordeal. you were lucky you had Carol there for you. anyways, i'll be checking back to see if you've responded, and hope you do so soon. great to hear from you again sakura, and know that you've got a friend here whose a good listener. take care, and talk to you soon...

    - chillmike

  2. It's been a hectic few weeks trying to figure all of this out and it leads to a dead end everytime. Not one moment went by that I haven't thought about you. So are doing any better? Are you up and walking around? How is your overall well being? It all sounds like good news, but I am still not totally convinced just yet. It is a miracle that you are immune to this but we have to keep it secret or else they will be looking for you and use you as a an experiment! Do you know what I mean? I know Hal is out there and if he is really gone, then someone is out there in his footsteps and continuing his expereiments. I say this because I saw on Hals blogsite some new pictures and whoever posted them knows who you and Carol are. He also mentioned about the study of insects?? The creature is nothing I have ever seen. Do you know what it is?
    Lastly, about chillmike I wonder who he is and what does he want from you? Just be careful on who you trust now. Nothing against the guy, but it could be a set up. It's kind of strange how all of a sudden somene chimes in after your feeling better, to get you to talk. Very skeptical. Ill talk to you 500N


  3. Hey Mike, I guess I’m okay. Having been so sick for so long & now being immune to whatever made me sick takes getting used to. Also, I’m not quite back to normal again. You know… sometimes I wonder what exactly happened to Hal. It must be bad since he can't even continue writing his own blog. At first I wasn't quite sure what that other person was writing about but after the most recent post about Entomology. I think they are talking about just that... change… evolution… transformation… alteration. Love how this person refers to me as a cold-sore in his mouth. LMAO!
    Now as far as Jas he’s never M.I.A. He just knows when I need time alone. Other than that Jas and I are always in touch; just not for all to see…all the time. Well, I think Hal is still around. I have a feeling that I am being watched again; I’m not sure it’s him but I’ll figure it out. By the way, I have not stopped looking for information & the truth behind everything that’s happened. It’s just that things are a little different for me at the moment.

    Jas, sweetness, like I told Mike I am better but not 100%, yet. And you’ll be happy to know that I’ve now officially gotten out of bed. LOL! I appreciate you still taking care of me. I also thought the same thing you did; I’ve got to be very careful with everyone around me. You know I will be. If it is Hal after me he may not be happy that I am ok. If it’s anyone else they may see me as their little lab mouse or just a nosy bitch (or a cold-sore in their mouth). Oh the creature in the post…I think it’s a Locust but I don’t think the creature is as important as what it is doing in the pics.

    I better go. I can’t seem to tolerate being in front of the computer for too long anymore. No matter how many times I adjust the brightness on this it always seems too bright.

    Jas, call me or come over, 500N.


  4. Sakura,

    .. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -- . . - / -.-- --- ..- / .- - / - .... . / .-. . -.. / -... .- -- -... --- --- / --- -. / .---- ....- ----- / .-- . ... - / ....- - .... / ... - .-. . . - .-.-.-

  5. Sakura, I've seen hal, we need to talk.