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Carol sent some of my blood to some lab. I begged her not to; I don't think we should trust anyone but she says she will do whatever it takes to help me. Not sure if that will help in anyway. I have so many symptoms I can't even list them.

Those of you who know me wouldn't recognize me if you saw me. I don't even recognize myself anymore! The pain has become unbearable. I am grateful for Carol's efforts but I have made peace with what may come 500N.

Sakura Okamoto


  1. is this about the cloverfield incedent?

  2. ...and one and one and one and one.

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  4. Oh how I would love if you were a real person telling real stories. I mean these Cloverfield references between you and Thad and Hal are interesting and all. And your interest in Super 8. It kinda disappoints me that this is all viral marketing lol

  5. I jusst typed this in on google and 500n is a machine that shows infecton

  6. Anonymous,

    Waits for "IT"

    Sakura, What are you trying to tell us?