TOP SECRET U.S. Government Project Revealed!



We're looking out at THE OCEAN. It's peaceful. Serene. We
hear the ROLLING WAVES. The distant sound of people
laughing. We seem to be looking out from a HIGH VANTAGE
POINT. And we're moving upward --

ROB (O.S.)
I'm really gonna miss this.

They have ferris wheels in Japan,

ROB (O.S.)
That's not what I'm talking about --

Rob swings the camera around, angling it back towards
himself. And we reveal --

Rob and Beth are at Coney Island. Riding side-by-side on THE
FERRIS WHEEL. And, once again, we're looking at what used to
be on this tape.

Rob holds the camera out at arms length so they're both in
frame. As he leans in towards her --



  1. "They have ferris wheels in Japan,


    Were the HELL did that come from?
    And that picture is stupid beyond belief!

  2. ......wait a second here......????

    i've been going through all the blogs and everything, to try and understand what has been going on, and what happened to Hal, Sakura, Thad, and the whole saga going on here...

    and, now coming across this post, and no one has really said anything about it. what i'm wondering and trying to figure out here, what the poster was trying to say...?? were they actually trying to say that the film, Cloverfield, was a Top Secret US Government Project, due to the fact that that's a script excerpt from the beginning of the film, or are you just trying to say that the creature &/or the disaster was a result of or due to creation from a Top Secret US Government Project??? Because if you're referring to the former, then that is quite an intense concept to realize!! If not, and you meant the latter, that too is intriguing. Regardless, I really wanna know others thoughts on this... Sakura???

    - chillmike

  3. Well it would make sense. I have been following this for sometime and am starting to piece things together. Wasn't it funny how the military were so quick to react?