Corrosion CH-02 Rev. 0 Page vi

1.9 LIST the three products that are formed from the general corrosion of iron.
1.10 IDENTIFY the action taken for initial fill of a reactor system to limit general corrosion.
1.11 STATE the four methods used to chemically control general plant corrosion.
1.12 LIST the six water chemistry conditions that limit corrosion of aluminum.
1.13 DEFINE the following terms: a. Crud b. Scale c. Galvanic corrosion
1.14 IDENTIFY the five problems associated with the presence or release of crud into reactor coolant.
1.15 STATE the four causes of crud bursts.
1.16 STATE the two conditions that can cause galvanic corrosion.
1.17 EXPLAIN the mechanism for galvanic corrosion.
1.18 IDENTIFY the two locations that are susceptible to galvanic corrosion.
1.19 STATE the five control measures used to minimize galvanic corrosion.
1.20 DEFINE the following terms: a. Pitting corrosion b. Crevice corrosion c. Stress corrosion cracking
1.21 STATE the two conditions necessary for pitting corrosion to occur.
1.22 STATE the particular hazard associated with pitting corrosion.
1.23 STATE the four controls used to minimize pitting corrosion.

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